Dallas Weekley and Nancy Arganbright are world renowned piano duettist, editors, composers, and arrangers. Clavier magazine credits them as being “America’s premier one-piano-four-hand team.” Weekley & Arganbright are largely responsible for a revival in listening to and performing piano four-hand literature. Through extensive research, they have rediscovered and edited a wealth of incredible literature for students of all ages to enjoy. Their superb piano duet collections are all notated in score form – primo over secondo.


One Piano Four Hands

Brahms Waltzes, Op. 39 ed. W & A WP537 Suite of 16 Viennese waltzes
Based on Brahm’s personal copy (L. Int)

Caprice ed. W & A WP614 Rediscovered Duet Series
Original by English composer Edward German (Int / L. Int)

Classics for Two arr. W & A WP308 4 popular classics
Mozart, Mendelssohn, Handel, Wagner (Int)

Czerny’s Sonatina, Op. 156, No. 2 arr. W & A WP189 Rediscovered Duet Series
3 movements… energetic and charming!

Dolly Suite, Op. 56 ed. W & A WP609 Grabriel Fauré
A treasured set of 6 duets in honor of a young girl (L. Int / E. Adv)

Duet Repertoire, Level 4 ed. W & A WP590 Arensky, Diabelli, Gurlitt…
Kozeluh, Reinecke, Vanhal (E. Int)

Duet Repertoire, Level 5 ed/arr. W & A WP592 Folk music & classical selections
Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary (Int)

Repertoire, Level 6 ed. W & A WP596 Gems of duet literature include Husa and Chaminade - History of the Piano Duet and Program Notes included (Int / L.Int)

Duet Repertoire, Level 7 ed. W & A WP617 Based on careful study of orig. manuscripts, 1st editions, and more! 80-pg book showcasing works by Beethoven, Bizet, Grieg, Debussy, Dvořák, and more! (L.Int)

Duet Repertoire, Level 8 ed. W & A WP538 Volume is filled with late Romantic gems, Spanish Dances, and lesser-known recital works.
Schubert, Reger, Dvořák , Moszkowski, Jensen (L. Int / E. Adv) 

Duet Repertoire, Level 9 ed. W & A WP539 7 incredible works in 96-pg volume
Ravel, Dvořák, Rachmaninoff, Bizet, Mozart (Adv)

East Meets West arr. W & A WP578 6 widely known tunes & 1 original work
Representing different cultures from around the world (L. Elem, Int) 

Ensemble 2

Primo Light ed. W & A WP151 14 Classical and Romantic pieces Primo parts are limited to 5-finger positions (Elem)

Primo Profiles ed. W & A WP338 Cui, Diabelli, Löw, Reinecke
Primo parts are limited to 5-note ranges (Elem)

Primo Progresses ed. W & A WP572 Primo part is easier than secondo part, with most in 5-finger positions. 11 short pieces organized by difficulty (E. Int) 

Romantic Piano Duets ed. W & A WP193 Rediscovered Duets Series
Masterful, yet rarely heard selections by Mendelssohn, Field, Dvořák (Int)

Rossini’s William Tell Overture ed. W & A WP119 Originally by Rossini, arranged for 1 piano, 4 hands by Louis Moreau Gottschalk. This arrangement opens with the famous theme from The Lone Ranger (Adv)

Russian Gems ed. W & A WP608 7 Late Romantic & Early 20th Century favorites
Arensky, Glière, Rachmaninov (Int / L. Int)

Schubert’s German Dances and Ecossaises, Op. 33 ed. W & A  
WP97 Rediscovered Duets Series. 16 Dances, 2 Ecossaises, along with stylistic notes and historical background text (Int)

Secondo Light arr. W & A WP345 5 catchy folksongs with secondo parts set in 5- finger positions. Primo parts slightly more difficult & uses chords in root position and inversions (Elem)

Sérénade, Opus 7 ed. W & A  WP604 by Gabriel Pierné, orig. composed for string orch. in 1883, then published for 1 piano, 4 hands in 1905. Light elegance, charming

Sonata ed. W & A WP566 by Francis Poulenc in 1918
3 movements, including glossary of French terms (L. Int / Adv)

Summer Dreams ed. W & A  WP364 Six programmatic pieces by Amy Beach, Op. 47. Music based on texts by authors including Shakespeare and Whitman (Int)

Three Baroque Pieces arr. W & A WP127 Timeless classics: Rondeau – Mouret, Siciliano – J.S. Bach, Arioso – J. S. Bach. Exquisite part writing, interesting parts for both pianists (Int) 


Three Easy Sonatinas ed. W & A WP582 Johann Baptist Vanhall (1739 – 1813). 3 movements included with each sonatina (Int)

Three Sonatinas ed. W & A WP340 Sonatina in C, Op. 3, No. 1 – Weber, Sonatina, Op. 156, No. 3 – Czerny, Sonatina, Op. 136, No. 4 – Spindler. All movements included (Int) 

Twice as Nice, Volume 1 ed. W & A WP57 15 selections by Bruckner, Gretchaninoff, Gurlitt, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Spindler, Türk .Incomparable editing of original duet literature (E. Int) 

Twice as Nice, Volume 2 ed. W & A  WP58 8 selections by Brahms, Czerny, Fauré, Grieg, Respighi, Spindler. Excellent performance pieces (Int)

Twice as Nice, Volume 3 ed. W & A  WP79 8 selections by Bizet, Brahms, Jensen, Moszkowski, Weber. Worthy of special notice: Spanish Dances (Op. 12, Nos. 1 & 2) by Moszkowski (Int)

Twelve Classic Duets ed. W & A WP395 Gurlitt, Diabelli, Reinecke, Low, Hummel
Most primo parts in 5-finger position (E. Int) 11

Two-By-Two Sacred Duets arr. W & A  WP605 3 arrangements each featuring 2 treasured hymns – woven together. Performance ready! (Int / L. Int)

Ensemble 1P 6H

One Piano, Six Hands

Six Pieces for Six Hands ed. W & A
WP581  Character pieces by Cornelius Gurlitt
Incldues Capriccietta, Serenata, Impromptu (Int / L. Int)

The Stars and Stripes Forever ed. W & A
WP591  John Philip Sousa
An audience favorite! (Int)  

2P 8H

Two Pianos, Eight Hands

Rustic Pictures, Op. 190 ed. W & A
WP600 Cornelius Gurlitt
All parts are equal in difficulty and with melodic interest (Int)

Special Resource

A Renaissance of the Piano Duet
A Biography by Kimberly Dreisbach Jensen
Read the extraordinary biography of this renowned and beloved piano duet team; their early years, the development of their stellar concert career, their multifaceted half-century of performance, teaching, and publications. Descriptions of noteworthy performances around the world are laced with humorous stories as only they can tell. WP615 

Special Resource

The Piano Duet: A Learning Guide
The Definitive Guide to Teaching and Performing Piano Four- Hand Music

► First and only printed reference work of its kind
► Practical performance-enhancing guidelines specifically related to piano duets
► Specific teaching techniques for tempo, style, pedal, rhythmic precision, fingering, cooperation between partners and more.

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