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Using card games to teach sightreading, scales & chords, rhythms, musical terms, key signatures and more in a crazy, funny, wacky way.

With the knowledge that music can enhance every child's life, we offer students and teachers fresh new tools that will promote their love of music and make music a valued gift for the rest of their lives.



This attractive set of durable, laminated flashcards feels just like real playing cards! Perfect for classrooms, group classes, private studios, or home practice. 

•  All Major and Minor key signatures
• All notes on the grand staff (2 of each)
• All leger line notes up to 3 lines
• Fun flashcard games and practice tips

TW430 … L. Elem / Int

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Students learn to identify notes more quickly as they navigate their way through amusing wild cards in this lively game.
Baroque cards “break” up another person’s hand. Liszt cards require players to “list” the cards in their hands. Haydn card allow players to “hide” from the adverse affects of other wild cards. Note Nabber cards allow players to “nab” a card from another player. For 2-8 players of all ages. Laminated, full-color cards.

TW620 … Elem / L. Int 

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Be the first one to match all of your cards to their proper key group-but watch out, those wild cards may require some pretty crazy twists along the way!

Teachers will love teaching and reviewing five-finger patterns (penta-scales) and I chords with this versatile game for beginning to late elementary students. 2 to 8 players.

TW616 … Elem / L. Elem

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Pouncing on primary triads is the object of this card game (with an occasional smack at the wild mouse)!

Reinforces primary triads in root position on the treble and bass staves, as well as Major key signatures in 15 different keys.

For 2-8 players of all ages. Laminated, full-color cards.

TW618A … E. Int / Adv

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No Coding

This sure winner can be played “Go-Fish” style or as a frantically fastpaced card game. Students first compile a deck with as many scales or five-finger patterns as there are players. After the deck is shuffled, students trade cards with each other to complete their Major scale or five-finger pattern. This single game works for five-finger patterns, Major scales, or any of the three forms of minor scales. For 3-10 players of all ages (and a favorite with teenagers)!

TW603 … Elem / Adv 

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Players build measures in specified time signatures and cast spells with "Rhythm Wizard" cards, forcing other players to perform in the most hilarious of ways! 

Teachers adjust the level by pre-selecting desired time signatures and note values from the deck. For 2-8 players of all ages!

TW615 … E. Int / Adv

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Rhythms have never been so...noisy! Students of all ages and abilities have fun clanging, barking, hissing, singing, or playing their rhythms. This set of large cards includes 32 four-part rhythm ensembles of progressing difficulty. For groups of 2 or more.

TW617 … E. Int / Adv

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An imaginative game of telephone numbers created from rhythms. Teachers "call" a rhythm and students "answer" if it matches their card. Designed to make recognizing and clapping rhythms fun for elementary and intermediate students. Great for groups of anywhere from 2-30 players! This set includes the game in five levels (A-E), each with increasing rhythmic difficulty. An ideal way to teach rhythms in group settings to elementary through intermediate students.

 TW601 … E. Int / Adv 



Players must match key signatures (key names, notated on the staff, and numbers of sharps or flats) to finish with the lowest score. This is an exciting game of strategy that reinforces major and minor key signatures. For 2 to 6 players.

TW621 … Elem

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Easy to understand description - all the card games above



These action-packed card games make learning the basics of music theory fun! As in the traditional game of "spoons," players exchange cards to come up with a winning match.

Keep a sharp eye on the spoons in the center..for there is one less than there are players and someone is going to be left groaning! Each game is highly adaptable to any age or level by including only the appropriate cards.

Watch them play the game. Click here

TW602A - Musical Spoons: Notes 
This game reinforces note reading. Notes are presented on the keyboard, on the staff and as simple note names on separate cards for students to match up.

TW602B - Musical Spoons: Key Signature
Recognition of major and minor key signatures is enhanced with this game. Separate cards provide the key signature by name, on the staff and by number of sharps or flats.

TW602C - Musical Spoons: Triads
This game reinforces recognition of major, minor, diminished and augmented triads. It can also be used with 7th chords.


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