Tradition of Excellence

Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin
A comprehensive and innovative curriculum designed to appeal to today's students. The music; the dynamic look; the scope and sequence; the tools for differentiated instruction; the smooth pacing with careful review; and the included INTERACTIVE Practice Studio make Tradition of Excellence the fastest growing band method today! 

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Solos, Ensembles and Full Band Pieces
Excellence In Performance

Tradition of Excellence 1


Flute W61FL ► Sample
Oboe W61OB ► Sample
B♭ Clarinet W61CL    ► Sample 
E♭ Alto Clarinet W61CLE ► Sample
B♭ Bass Clarinet W61CLB    ► Sample
Bassoon W61BN ► Sample
E♭ Alto Saxophone W61XE ► Sample
B♭ Tenor Saxophone W61XB ► Sample
E♭ Baritone Saxophone W61XR ► Sample
B♭ Trumpet/Cornet W61TP ► Sample
F Horn W61HF    ► Sample
E♭ Horn W61HE ► Sample
Trombone W61TB    ► Sample
Trombone T.C. W61TBG    ► Sample
Baritone/Euphonium T.C. W61TC    ► Sample
Baritone/Euphonium W61BC ► Sample
BB♭ Tuba W61BS ► Sample
E♭ Tuba W61BSE ► Sample
Tuba T.C. W61BSG ► Sample
Percussion W61PR ► Sample
Electric Bass W61EBS ► Sample
Piano/Guitar Accomp W61PG
Conductor Score W61F    ► Sample 1  |  Sample 2
Administrative Resource W74     ► Sample 1 | Sample 2

A Comprehensive Curricular, Pedagogical, and
Complete Conductor Package W61FCP 

Tradition of Excellence 2


Flute W62FL ► Sample
Oboe W62OB ► Sample
B♭ Clarinet W62CL ► Sample
E♭ Alto Clarinet W62CLE ► Sample
B♭ Bass Clarinet W62CLB ► Sample
Basson W62BN
E♭ Alto Saxophone W62XE ► Sample
B♭ Tenor Saxophone W62XB ► Sample
E♭ Baritone Saxophone W62XR ► Sample
B♭ Trumpet/Cornet W62TP ► Sample
F Horn W62HF
E♭ Horn W62HE
Trombone W62TB ► Sample
Trombone T.C. W62TBG
Baritone/Euphonium T.C. W62TC
Baritone/Euphonium W62BC     ► Sample
BB♭ Tuba W62BS     ► Sample
E♭ Tuba W62BSE 
Tuba T.C W62BSG
Percussion W62PR
Electric Bass W62EBS ► Sample
Piano/Guitar Accompaniment W62PG
Conductor Score W62F

Tradition of Excellence 3


Flute W63FL
Oboe W63OB
B♭ Clarinet W63CL ► Sample
E♭ Alto Clarinet W63CLE
B♭ Bass Clarinet W63CLB
Basson W63BN
E♭ Alto Saxophone W63XE ► Sample
B♭ Tenor Saxophone W63XB ► Sample
E♭ Baritone Saxophone W63XR ► Sample
B♭ Trumpet/Cornet W63TP 
F Horn W63HF
E♭ Horn W63HE
Trombone W63TB ► Sample
Trombone T.C. W63TBG
Baritone/Euphonium T.C. W63TC
Baritone/Euphonium B.C. W63BC
BB♭ Tuba W63BS     ► Sample
E♭ Tuba W63BSE
Tuba T.C W63BSG
Percussion W63PR
Electric Bass W63EBS
Piano/Guitar Accompaniment W63PG
Conductor Score W63F ► Sample


Concert Time, by Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin, is a collection of twelve songs written for beginning or young band. An excellent compilation and variety of music styles, Concert Time includes festival pieces, concert marches, classical transcriptions, lively lighter songs, and originals. With accessible, grade-appropriate rhythms, highlights also include clarinets staying below the break in each song, melodies are written in every section, and the Drums, Mallets, Auxiliary Percussion, and Timpani are all in one book. With reinforced orchestration throughout the ensemble, each piece was composed or arranged with the young player in mind and will prove to be accessible and musically satisfying to the player and the audience. Each concert time part book includes a Fingering Chart and Preparatory Melodies. Concert Time is part of the Tradition of Excellence series and is an outstanding addition to any band curriculum.

Concert Time

W45FL     Flute ► Sample 1 | 2
W45OB    Oboe ► Sample 1 | 2
W45CL    1st/2nd B♭ Clarinet ► Sample 1 | 2
W45CLE  E♭ Alto Clarinet ► Sample 1 | 2 
W45CLB  B♭ Bass Clarinet ► Sample 1 | 2
W45BC    Basson/Trombone/BaritoneB.C ► Sample 1 | 2
W45XE     1st/2nd E♭ Alto Saxophone ► Sample 1 | 2
W45XB     B♭ Tenor Saxophone ► Sample 1 | 2
W45XR     E♭ Baritone Saxophone ► Sample 1 | 2
W45TP     1st/2nd B♭ Trumpet/Cornet ► Sample 1 | 2
W45HF     F Horn ► Sample 1 | 2 
W45TC     Baritone T.C. ► Sample 1 | 2
W45BS    Tuba ► Sample 1 | 2
W45PR    Percussion ► Sample 1 | 2
W45EBS  Electric Bass ► Sample 1 | 2
W45PG    Piano/Guitar Accompaniment ► Sample 1 | 2
W45F       Conductor Score ► Sample 1 | 2

  • 12 engaging selections for concert band.
  • Diverse repertoire including marches, overtures and lighter pieces appropriate for concerts and festivals.
  • Reinforced orchestration throughout the ensemble.
  • Accessible, grade-appropriate rhythms.
  • Melodies for every section.
  • Both clarinets 1 & 2 stay below the break in each selection.
  • Preparatory unison exercises for all pieces.
  • An outstanding addition to any band curriculum.
  • Drums, Mallets, Auxiliary Percussion, and Timpani all in one book to develop the total percussionist.


Designed for musicians who have completed a second year of study in any method, this important new book features scales, thirds, and arpeggios; technique, articulation, and melodious etudes; plus excerpts from the classical repertoire and full-band chorales in 16 major and minor keys. With emphasis placed on specific musicianship skills, plus options for differentiated learning and instruction, it goes above and beyond technique books of the past. Whether used in private lessons or in a group, Tradition of Excellence: Technique and Musicianship is sure to improve technical ability and enhance artistic sensitivity for all band students!

Flute - W64FL  ► 1 | 2
Oboe - W64OB  ► 1 | 2
B♭ Clarinet - W64CL  ► 12 | 3 
E♭ Alto Clarinet - W64CLE  ► 1
B♭ Bass Clarinet - W64CLB  ► 1 | 2 | 3
Bassoon - W64BN ► 1 | 2 
E♭ Alto Saxophone - W64XE  ► 1 | 2
E♭ Tenor Saxophone - W64XB ► 1
E♭ Baritone Saxophone - W64XR
1 | 2
B♭ Trumpet/Cornet - W64TP ► 1 | 2
F Horn - W64HF ► 1 | 2

Technique and Musicianship

E♭ Horn - W64HE  ► 1 | 2
Trombone - W64TB
Trombone T.C. - W64TBG  ► 1 | 2
Baritone/Euphonium T.C. - W64TC
Baritone/Euphonium B.C. - W64BC ► 1 | 2
BB♭ Tuba - W64BS ► 1 | 2
E♭ Tuba - W64BSE ► 1 | 2
Tuba T.C. - W64BSG ► 1 | 2 
Percussion - W64PR   ► 1 | 2
Electric Bass - W64EBS  ► 1 | 2 
Conductor Score - W64F


Excellence in THEORY is especially designed to creatively enrich the curriculums of beginning Instrumental, Choral, and General Music Classes! It’s all here – Theory and Ear Training, Notation, Composition, and History complete in three volumes. Progressive Theory concepts and skills are reinforced and reviewed through both written and aural exercises. Ear Training examples and exercises are accessible by teacher or student via the Kjos Multimedia Library. And History pages come alive with vibrant full color images and comprehensive quizzes to help put events, styles, and details into perspective.
Separate Theory and History sections are presented offering multiple teaching possibilities. Theory and History can be taught together or separately depending on your class objectives and scheduling considerations. A keyboard illustration, glossary, and blank manuscript page are also included as convenient study tools.


Excellence in Theory 1

The Theory section of Excellence in Theory, Book One concentrates on learning the basic language of music that helps develop well-rounded musicians. Lesson & Assignment pages introduce staves, treble and bass clef. Time signatures, and simple rhythms. Melodic elements are presented in accidentals, enharmonics, and whole and half steps, as well as tetrachords and major scales. Each lesson is carefully reinforced through Review pages.   

Sample 1 | Sample 2


Excellence in Theory 2

The Theory section in Book Two begins with a review of concepts previously learned, then moves forward into more advanced lessons. Key signatures and the circle of fifths/fourths are introduced, and music reading progresses with new technique and expression markings. Students are introduced to challenging new rhythms,and melodic and harmonic intervals are explored. Each lesson is carefully reinforced through specific Review pages.

Sample 1 | Sample 2


Excellence in Theory 3

The Theory section in Book Three begins with a review of the theory concepts introduced in Book Two Book Three before introducing more advanced time signatures; major, minor, augmented and diminished triads; and minor chords, chord progressions and harmonizing melodies. By the end of, students will be composing short melodies, and will have a fundamental understanding of the building blocks of Western music.

Sample 1 | Sample 2


Excellence in Theory - Answer Key

Answers for all three levels of Excellence in Theory are contained in one Answer Key, which can be used by a teacher or by an independent student. Ear training examples and exercises are included for the teacher with the option of using a piano or other instrument in place of accessing the audio files found in the Kjos Multimedia Library at

Sample 1 | Sample 2

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