Kjos solo sheets beautifully arragned for your student's success

Solo Sheets Early Elementary

Early Elementary

WP1151 Best Friend
by Barbara Dodson

WP1125 Emerald Green
by Rebecca A. Pulju

JP30 Rhythm Bells     
by Bradley Sowash   ‣ view sample

WP1150 Rollin’ Along
by Barbara Dodson   ‣ view sample

Solo Sheets Elementary


JP35 Clean Your Room  (to the Trumpet Tune!)
by Erika Paul Carlson

WP1154 Dreamglide by Christine Arens  ‣ view sample

WP1115 Flashlight Tag by Rebecca A. Pulju

WP1111 Lavender Sunset by Mary Dolen

WP1114 Little Cubs Dance by Mary Dolen  ‣ view sample

JP32 Little Latin Lamb by Bradley Sowash  view sample

WP1153 Sassy-Sync Strut by Christine Arens view sample

WP1112 The Stooges’ Hop by Christine Arens

WP1155 Taiwan Toccatina by Ronald Bennett view sample

Solo Sheet Late Elementary

Late Elementary

WP1130 Arabesque
by Ann Buys view sample

WP1152 A Bit Ragged
by Ross Petot view sample

WP1129 Of Sapphire Skies
by Christine Arens view sample

JP33 Sky Dancer
by Bradley Sowash view sample

Solo Sheet Early Intermediate

Early Intermediate

JP28 Bluesy by Bradley Sowash view sample

WP1128 Circle Dance by Mary Dolen view sample

JP34 Clarinet Claire  by Erika Paul Carlson

WP1110 Dance of the Red Feather by Mary Dolen  
view sample

WP1127 Where the Deer and the Canteloupe Play
by Mary Dolen  view sample

Solo Sheets Intermediate


WP1109 Ancient Face of the Sun
by Mary Dolen view sample

WP1124 Into Mischief
by Rebecca A. Pulju

JP29 Sneaky Swing
by Bradley Sowash view sample

Solo Sheets Late Intermediate

Late Intermediate

WP1113 Enter the Bull
by Rebecca A. Pulju

JP31 Grace and Serenity
by Arlington Jones, II view sample

WP1126 Londonderry Air arr.
by Ann Buys  view sample

WP1116 Searching
by Christine Arens view sample

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