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The eleven levels of Piano Repertoire provide teachers and students with the most comprehensive series of graded piano literature available. A wide variety of the finest music has been carefully selected for student appeal, including time tested favorites and lesser-known gems. The appropriately graded levels guarantee success for all types of students while providing teachers with an organized, easy-to-use curriculum for teaching the classics.

Elementary pianist can begin playing from the Preparatory Level after completing a primer level of any piano method. Proceeding from Level One through Level Ten ensures steady and thorough progress as students advance in their study of Piano Repertoire.

Clear, bold music engraving for easy reading
Clean, attractive page layout for easy learning
Expression marks that are practical and reflect good musical taste

Fingering that are sensible and comfortable
All music in original form (no arrangements)

Baroque & Classical introduces students of all levels to the world's greatest literature from the 17th and 18th centuries. Students are carefully introduced to a full spectrum of representative musical forms including fantasias, fugues, theme and variations, preludes, toccatas, dance suites, and sonatas.

Complement your studentsοΏ½ method studies with master literature, or transition them from Piano Town to the Keith Snell Piano Series using the progression chart.

GP600 Prep

GP601 Lvl 1

GP602 Lvl 2

GP603 Lvl 3


GP604 Lvl 4

GP605 Lvl 5

GP606 Lvl 6

GP607 Lvl 7

GP608 Lvl 8

GP609 Lvl 9

GP610 Lvl 10

Romantic & 20th Century provides students of all abilities with an extensive and inspirational range of the exciting and dynamic music of Romantic and 20th Century composers. Students have the opportunity to study the unique characteristics from each period including the development of harmonic technique and instrumental color; the increase of harmonic complexity, chromatic harmonies, chromatic voice leading, distant modulation, complex chords, and the free use of non-harmonic tones as well as the exploration of new sonorities.

GP620 Prep -

GP621 Lvl 1

GP622 Lvl 2 -

GP623 Lvl 3


GP624 Lvl 4

GP625 Lvl 5

GP626 Lvl 6

GP627 Lvl 7

GP628 Lvl 8

GP629 Lvl 9

GP630 Lvl 10

Etudes selected in this series provide the foundation of pianistic technique. Each carefully selected and graded level enhances and complements the study of music in the other series', and also provides literature ideal for performance, sight-reading, and transposition.

GP640 Prep

GP641 Lvl 1

GP642 Lvl 2

GP643 Lvl 3


GP644 Lvl 4

GP645 Lvl 5

GP646 Lvl 6

GP647 Lvl 7

GP648 Lvl 8

GP649 Lvl 9

GP650 Lvl 10

Fundamentals of Piano Theory provides students with a comprehensive theory course seamlessly integrated with the study of master literature. Written exercises, clear explanations, thorough review, music history, sight reading, ear training, drills, and review tests ensure a solid theory base for all students. Teacher's Answer Books make grading a snap!

The review tests are presented using literature examples from the music students are performing. An especially effective theory course for both transfer and returning students!

GP660 Prep

GP661 Lvl 1

GP662 Lvl 2

GP663 Lvl 3


GP664 Lvl 4

GP665 Lvl 5

GP666 Lvl 6

GP667 Lvl 7

GP668 Lvl 8

GP669 Lvl 9

GP670 Lvl 10

Scale Skills provides an organized system for the study of scales, arpeggios, chords, and finger exercises, all designed to improve finger strength and flexibility and provide students with increased fluency and accuracy in performance. Eleven carefully graded levels provide the perfect technique complement to the Keith Snell Piano Series.

GP680 Prep

GP681 Lvl 1

GP682 Lvl 2

GP683 Lvl 3


GP644 Lvl 4

GP645 Lvl 5

GP646 Lvl 6

GP647 Lvl 7

GP648 Lvl 8

GP649 Lvl 9

GP650 Lvl 10



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