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BASTIENS' INVITATION to MUSIC was written to fill the need of parent' requests to start very young beginners. Tapping into a child's natural affinity for music helps develop habits and skills which carry over into all aspects of a child's life as he or she matures.

Gradual multi-key approach. Assumes no writing or reading readiness.
Paced appropriately for the concentration span of young children.
Use of Piano Party (lesson book), Theory & Ear Training Party and Performance Party simultaneously will continually reinforce basic concepts.
Numerous pre-staff notation pieces make playing the piano immediately accessible.
Delightful music will appeal to the ears of young beginners. Colorful illustrations and captivating activities to keep children motivated.
"Every Day" directions guide daily practicing and accompaniments are provide for most pieces.

WP270 Piano Party Book A

WP271 Piano Party Book B

WP272Piano Party Book C

WP273 Piano Party Book D

WP274 Theory & Ear Training Book A

WP275 Theory & Ear Training Book B

WP276 Theory & Ear Training  Book C

WP277 Theory & Ear Training Book D

WP278 Performance Party Book A

WP279 Performance Party Book B

WP280 Performance Party Book C

WP281 Performance Party Book D

Younger beginners can benefit from the outstanding pedagogy of Bastien Piano Basics with these Primer Level books specifically geared toward children as young as age 5.

Piano for the Young Beginners utilizes a Middle C approach, from pre-staff notation to reading on the grand staff. Slower pacing offers additional reinforcement to ensure a solid foundation on fundamental skills and concepts. Children will love the bright, happy melodies; fun, clever lyrics, and captivating, pedagogically related illustrations.

Students who complete both Primers A & B are ready for study in Level 1 of Bastien Piano Basics. Piano for the Young Beginner is also ideal as an alternate start when you have two beginning students from the same family.

WP230 Piano Lesson Book A

WP231 Piano Lesson Book B

WP232 Theory & Technic Book A

WP233 Theory & Technic Book B

The easy-to-follow, easy-to-teach, and solid pedagogy of Bastien Piano Basics has made it the world's top piano method. No other method offers so many materials that are all coordinated and correlated page-by-page, reinforcing every lesson with variety that is the spice of learning. This logical, step-by-step approach practically teaches itself, giving students and background and skills to not only play well but also to improvise, transpose, and enjoy music on every level.

Using a gradual multi-key approach, Bastien Piano Basics begins reading in the C 5-finger position. Carefully planned, well organized, and comfortably paced, the method moves smoothly from one lesson and one level to the next, with reinforcement at every step.

Bastien Piano Basics offers a mixture of familar and original music so students learn to play their favorite songs and experiment with new sounds.

WP200 Piano Primer

WP201 Piano Level 1

WP202 Piano Level 2

WP203 Piano Level 3

WP204 Piano Level 4

WP200 Piano Primer

WP201 Piano Level 1

WP202 Piano Level 2

WP203 Piano Level 3

WP204 Piano Level 4

WP200 Technic Primer

WP201 Technic Level 1

WP202 Technic Level 2

WP203 Technic Level 3

WP204 Technic Level 4


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