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Christmas Jazzed Up (O'Hearn) - WP368
The seven carols in this volume offer an alluring harmonic adaptation of Christmas favorites including: Away In A Manger, Jolly Old Sant Nicholas, Joy To The World among others. They are especially inviting to early intermediate level students including adults.

Dick Wellstood Jazz Piano Solos (Wellstood) - WP332
These note-by-note transcriptions, will make students sound like masters of stride piano improvisation. Old-time favorites are rejuvenated in these creative renditions of The Entertainer; Washington & Lee Swing; Bill Bailey; Hello, My Baby; and others.

Guide For Jazz Piano Harmonization, A (Caramia) - WP95
Easy-to-understand presentation of jazz harmonization techniques and traditions! Chord analysis, diatonic extensions, altered tones, #9 chords and tritone substitutes are covered. An outstanding guide for the beginning jazz player!


Images Of Jazz (Minsky) - WP545
Jazz pianist Larry Minsky recreates the jazz flavor of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Bill Evans, Bob James, and Joe Sample. A professional sounding mix of contemporary jazz, rock-type, rhythms, swing, and blues written especially for your intermediate students!

Impressions Of Jazz (Minsky) - WP389
Jazz pianist Larry Minsky provides intermediate students with six professional sounding jazz originals. Piano students will love the mix of contemporary jazz with "Swing" and "Blues." Highly motivational!

In A Jazz Groove (O'Hearn) - WP152
For students who like a little jazz with their lessons. Technique exercises in disguise!


Jazz About (Grove) - GP71
This diverse set of seven originals is timeless in appeal. Perfectly suited for early intermediate students the notes lie well under the performer’s hands and note patterns help students move around the keyboard. Camptown Capers, Easy Street, Jazz Beat, Old-Fashioned Boogie, Bit of Blues, Kangaroo Hop, and Last Show.

Jazz Action (O'Hearn) - WP367
The O'hearn trademarks of legitimate jazz stylings and fit-the-hand ease fill this collection of nine perky solos. Jazz Action will be appealing to adults as well as younger pianists!

Jazz Band (Bastien) - WP1076
Supplementary piano solo that complements Bastien's Piano Basics at the same level or any piano method of this level.


Jazz Beginnings Preparatory (Minsky) - WP540
Larry Minsky uses stationary five finger positions with melody lines divided evenly between the hands in the FUN introduction to jazz styling. Harmonizations are found in the teacher duet part for: When the Saints, Where Has My Little Dog Gone?, Glow the Man Down, Camptown Races, Billy Boy, and more.

Jazz Beginnings, Level 1 (Minsky) - WP541
Your elementary students will be attracted to the jazzy sounds in the "showstopper" collection by Larry Minsky. Colonel Bogey March, Twinkle Twinkle Little Jazz Star, Ja Da, The Darktown Stutter's Ball, and Back Home in Indiana feature hand position changes for students and creative duet parts for teachers.

Jazz Cruise (O'Hearn) - WP542
A little bit of swing, a little bit of gospel, a little bit of blues, and a lot of jazz all come together in Arletta O'Hearn's hot jazz collection. The teacher duet part simulates the walking bass line that would be performed by either an acoustic bass or electric bass in a jazz combo.


Jazz Impressions Of Christmas (Minsky) - WP554
Christmas takes on a jazz twist with Larry Minsky's fabulous solo arrangements of popular holiday songs. Intermediate students will enjoy the intriguing jazz harmonies. The generous use of major seventh chords, interesting harmonic treatments, and an intertwining of classical and jazz elements.

Jazz Introspectives (O'Hearn) - WP544
Eight jazz originals by Arletta O'Hearn include swing rhythms and written out improvisational passages. Authentic jazz voicings allow the performer to capture the essence of Latin jazz and other exciting contemporary jazz styles. Highly motivational!

Jazz Sweets (Evans) - WP118
Five tasty jazz solos that sound much more difficult than they actually are.


Jazz Theme And Variations For Two Pianos (O'Hearn) - WP89
Each of the six variations provides a chance to delve into the intricacies of jazz stylings. A tested success with both audiences and students. Two scores included.

Jazz Together (O'Hearn) - WP120
Duets with a touch of jazz. Great music that motivates piano practice!

Jazz Tributes (Evans) - WP180
Each of these irresistible 9 duets imitates a famous jazz musician -- Pete Fountain, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Oscar Peterson, Horace Silver, Ramsey Lewis -- with a preface about each style.


Jazzbag (Grier) - GP342
This Is A Large Collection Of Original Jazz Style Piano Solos From The Same Person Who Wrote Santa-Ma-Jazz.

Jazzettes (Evans) - WP150
Plenty of variety with a jazzy feel, sure to provide stimulation and growth.

Language Of Jazz (Minsky) - WP375
Students will love the vibrant contemporary stylings of Minsky's latest jazz volume. Chord symbols are included as an aid to improvisation. Ideal for both high school and adult students.


Love Jazz (O'Hearn) - WP80
The first O'Hearn collection is still one of the most popular! Six solos and one duet to get jazzed about. Basic jazz easily performed by late elementary and early intermediate pianists emphasizing lyricism, chord colors, rhythmic variation, and blues structure. Classy and funky elements will influence individual creative jazz instincts in the future.

More Jazz Impressions Of Christmas - WP553
Jazz pianist Larry Minsky provides a sequel to his popular Jazz Impressions of Christmas (WP554) with six professional sounding jazz arrangements. All improvisations are written out and chord symbols are included. Classically trained performers will love the mix of contemporary jazz with swing and blues.

Patterns Of Jazz Level 6 (Minsky) - WP546
Larry Minky offers teachers and performers a wonderful opportunity to study harmonies used by jazz greats. Each jazz original includes written out improvisations and chord symbols. A perfect album for classically-trained performers who want to be able to produce the sounds of contemporary jazz.


Portraits Of Jazz - Level 7 (Minsky) - WP547
Larry Minsky creates a character of introspection in this collection of beautiful jazz originals. Gentle and reflective in nature, these pieces are sure to entice the ear of jazz lovers and classical pianist alike. Titles include April's Spring, When We Dream, and Always Remember.


Reflections Of Jazz (Minsky) - WP543
Six exciting original jazz solos by Larry Minsky will introduce your late elementary students to walking bass lines, swing rhythms, ballads which use quartal harmonies, rock progressions, blues scales, and a Brubeck-style jazz waltz.


Santa Ma Jazz (Grier) - GP340
A collection of jazzed-up Christmas carols, Santa-Ma-Jazz is filled with creative harmonizations, rhythms, and merry measure of musical humor.

Shades Of Jazz (Minsky) - WP371
Jazz pianist, Larry Minsky, provides intermediate piano students with 6 professional sounding jazz originals suitable for a variety of performance opportunities. Introductory preface notes help students understand different jazz devices. Compositional techniques use voicings made famous by jazz greats George Shearing, Bill Evans, and others.

Three Piano Preludes In Jazz Stylings (O'Hearn) - WP141
Classical and jazz stylings come together in these exciting jazzy Preludes. The improvisational quality will prove highly motivational for both teenagers and adults.



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