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Bastien® New Traditions

All in one books with lesson, technic, theory and perofrmance pages fully integrated in each book
for a streamlined, comprehensive, easy-to-use approach

New Release - CONCERT TIME. 
Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin, is a collection of twelve songs written for beginning or young band. An excellent compilation and variety of music styles, Concert Time includes festival pieces, concert marches, classical transcriptions, lively lighter songs, and originals. Concert Time is part of the Tradition of Excellence series and is an outstanding addition to any band curriculum. Learn More.

Concert Time

UKULELE FOR ALL is the ALL-timate beginning method for group or individual study of this popular, versatile and accessible instrument. The unique UFA pedagogy begins with one chord songs to give students instant success as they learn solo and ensemble skills. For today’s digital learners, the INTERACTIVE Practice Studio—included free—offers multi-screen video lessons, play-along audio recordings, and more for every song in the book. Click here to know more.

Ukulele for All

Music Theory for violin players from age 5 to adults. Learning theory through a violin players point of view either for fun or going through theory exams. Go Stringstastic!


“Mr.Cao is one of the better makers I have met!”
Itzhak Perlman

“Scott, I can't believe a new violin sounds so good. I like it very much. Congratulations!”

Byung WooKim, Concert master of San Jose Symphony Orchrestra

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Scott Cao Violin

Editor & Teacher's Pick

Bastien All in One

Bastien New Traditions

"New Music & Materials Review of Bastien New Traditions All In One Piano Course, 2B, 3A, 3B," The Piano Magazine: Clavier Companion, Vol. 11, No. 3 (Summer 2019): 70-71.


Tradition of Excellence

Technology has brought exciting advances to modern instruction; making it more effective and interactive. 


Outstanding works

Artistry in Strings is a groundbreaking string method that will be at home in your classroom or private studio.

Students Best Loved Comics

Just when you thought some topics were tough, we made them love it... 

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